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Comistar has invested on its own information system Comistar Data which is used by Comistar’s members and clients. The decision to create a system of our own derived from the constant need to develop information systems to match our clients’ need for a constantly improving system that can keep up with their needs and has an outstanding operational reliability. Comistar Data suits for any company from one person sole traded to large enterprises. Over 4 million euros have been invested to the system to this day and we are committed to improve the system to benefit our members and clients.

What does Comistar Data include?

Financial Management with optimized reports, automatic payroll computation, automated accounting, automated collection, shift planning with monitoring of working hours, mobile usability etc. In practice Comistar Data combined with our knowledge brings the reports and functionalities of a listed company to everyone’s use, all in real time. Whenever we get information that something new is needed or something is missing, we won’t hesitate on making it happen.


Comistar Data is customizable by user to suit their needs. We wanted to create a system that helps the everyday tasks of our clients’ and improves the efficiency of their work. The ultimate goal is to create one portal where a client can operate and manage every aspect of their business from handling orders, real time reports to Earnings and Balance Sheet. The security of the data is extremely important to us and thus all the data is stored in Switzerland and Finland.


Our goal is to shape the view how business can be operated and managed from a single portal alone. We will include mathematical modeling, automation and financial perspectives to read any company regardless of its size. In our view it’s not about multiplying the efficiency of one single person in one specific task, rather, it’s more about how that one person becomes the operator of all the tasks that have been automated and optimized. Comistar Data will change for good how companies can be managed.

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