Holding Company in Switzerland

The safest place on Earth for your business.


The taxation of holding companies in Switzerland is very low and the companies benefit from several tax advantages on a national and an international basis.


Switzerland is the safest place on Earth for a holding company and your profits are safe in a Swiss bank.

For you?

Contact our experts and ask how a Swiss holding company can be combined with your business structure.

Why is Switzerland so popular jurisdiction?

Switzerland has maintained a stable economy and a global financial services industry regardless of the tough economic times and crises. Switzerland has also stable currency, politic stability and distinctive tax advantages. Furthermore Switzerland has the existing legal certainty and the absence of restrictions regarding capital transfers. It is situated in the center of Europe with excellent infrastructure and many skilled experts.

Key Tax Advantages

Under Swiss law corporations with holding status do not have to pay taxes on capital gains and other earnings such as dividends deriving from subsidiaries which meet the needed requirements. Companies with holding status are only subjected to a special cantonal capital tax. Such provisions lead to the result that Swiss holding companies don't almost pay any taxes derived from subsidiaries, while other types of income is only subjected to the federal tax rate of 8.5%. The advantages of Swiss holding company always depend on your current business structure and special circumstances of each individual case.

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