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Comistar Switzerland has been focusing on wealth protection structures since 2013. We build solutions based on client needs, risk-appetite, and financial situation. Protecting and keeping what you earn is the foundation to sustainable living for you and the next generations of your family.


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1. Tax Reporting & Planning


  • VAT
  • Income tax
  • Tax risks & liabilities
  • Company taxation
  • Personal income taxation
  • International taxation
  • Double taxation
  • Fringe benefits
  • Tax questions related to company restructuring
  • Tax questions related to mergers & acquisitions
  • Tax risks related to transactions & transfer pricing


Service highlights

Tax advisory
Tax reporting
International taxation

2. Licensing

Some business activities require licensing or a special registration. This usually brings a necessity to prepare and submit documentation with the state institutions. Comistar helps with the licensing processes in the following:

  • E-money institutions
  • Payment institutions
  • Investment Firms
  • Fund Manager & Alternative Funds
  • Gambling licenses
  • Insurance brokers & agents
  • E-Wallet License
  • Exchanging virtual currencies against fiat-currencies
  • Travel Undertakings

Service highlights

Business model analysis
Licensing requirements analysis
Estonian crypto licenses

3. Legal Advisory

We provide a project based legal advisory as well as monthly subscription to our e-Residency Legal Membership Club. Our core areas of expertise are tax, capital markets and corporate law.

  • Incorporation of private limited companies
  • Incorporation of public limited companies
  • Non-Profits
  • Shareholder & Founder agreements
  • Company restructuring
  • Ownership changes
  • Board member & employment agreements
  • Liquidations
  • Domestic & cross-border mergers

Service highlights

Company incorporation
Corporate law
IPR law
Legal analysis of the business model

4. Blockchain

We help companies to issue tokenised securities, advise on public offerings, private placements, obtain licensing, and a lot more.

  • Initial Coin Offerings (compliance and structure)
  • Security Token Offerings (compliance and structure)
  • Registering prospectus
  • AML & KYC
  • Financial services regulations
  • Exchange and e-wallet licenses
  • Legal analysis of the white paper & business model
  • Token sale agreements
  • Privacy policy, GDPR
  • Terms & conditions, user agreements
  • Investor agreements

Service highlights

Asset tokenisation
Initial Coin Offerings

Comistar Switzerland

Protect the future of your family

Comistar Switzerland has been operating since 2012. From the start our focus has been on asset protection, tax optimisation, and emigration of entrepreneurs to Switzerland. Through deep understanding of Swiss and international tax code combined with related regulations, we’ve been able to help hundreds of wealthy individuals. We have also built asset protection vehicles to more than 200 entrepreneurs during the years of operations.

Comistar Switzerland was founded by a Finnish entrepreneur with a goal of helping the entrepreneur-community to build sustainable wealth. The growing tax burden, unpredictable governmental programs and social experiments have made it a necessity to diversify and consciously think and plan on how you can inherit your life work to your siblings. It’s not just work for us, it’s a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to preserve their wealth.

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