We exist to make more wealth to our clients

We empower

We believe in empowering and pushing our clients to challenge themselves to become resilient and achieve more than they ever thought is possible. Most of the entrepreneurs get stuck and can’t grow past their own hustle – by building processes and systems and with right type of support services, our clients are capable of building bigger and more profitable businesses.

We believe

We believe every company has to have purpose, people and processes to be truly successful. We believe in technology and software solutions which simplify company management to become a process-centric business. Only then can your business not depend on you as a founder and as a driving force. Only then can you really enjoy the fruits of your business and become free.

Since 2012


Building successful companies since 2012 for clients from more than 30 different countries. Comistar has served more than 2000 corporate and private clients from our 4 offices around the world. Our core focus is on technology, finance and commerce sectors.


Different countries


Corporate & private clients


Offices around the world

Founding members

We founded Comistar

Chairman of the board

Markus Ahtola

Space engineer

Juha Ehrstedt


Mikk Maal

Comistar has three founding members – Markus Ahtola, Juha Ehrstedt and Mikk Maal. All of us have a background in the service industries (HR, finance, legal), commerce and technology. Having started, built and sold businesses before, we’ve  become to understand what kind of services entrepreneurs need, and it’s our passion to help other entrepreneurs to succeed through professional help and proven methods.

Comistar HQ is in Switzerland, we operate in four countries through our own offices, and, have a network of partners across the globe.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the competencies and the level of service that only big enterprises could access before.

Comistar is using the franchise business model to bring on the best talent – ambitious finance and legal professionals who understand the needs of the clients and can operate on the highest levels.



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