Software Acquisition

Acquisition of datasystems is a project, which phases go usually as follows: Recognition of the need Considering how to respond to the need Preliminary defining the product to be acquired Reserving (too little) cash for budget Starting the trade Seller promises – buyer believes Closing a deal Installing a product and training the users Wondering, […]

Strategic Management

The strategy needs to give the answer to the question; what is the added value produced to the customer. Strategy is headwork of the board of directors and management personnel, those who know and understand the business of the company most widely. Comistar is not able to create a strategy for the company, but we support […]

Business Development

Running a business even in one country is challenging. When expanding the business into several countries, it is necessary to have knowledge on which kind of effects tax treaties, laws and culture have to your business. Comistar offers you expertize in international business. We are able to assist you to make your business more effective […]


You can develop the human resource functions of your company and be sure that you have competent labor also in the future with reliable partner. We produce analysis, resource evaluations and suggestions on how to improve and develop your personnel management. We focus on cost effectiveness and modern HR-management solutions, such as training, internal growth, […]


Our tax consultation helps you to find effective solutions, which combine the fiscal obligations and the goals of the business. With the real time tax planning you know the fiscal effects of your business and you are able to prevent the risks. Nowadays the questions related to taxation are more complicated and complex than earlier […]