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Some people say that if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. We fully believe that – it’s the law of nature. Nothing simply stands still. But here’s the problematic part: even if your business is growing, it can still be dying at the same time.

Even if you grow and innovate, you can still be dying out. You might be moving in the right direction, but you might not be moving or improving quickly enough. You need to improve more quickly than the others today in order to be able to innovate for tomorrow. You need to be able to do things better, more quickly, more cost-effectively today in order to have the money to innovate for tomorrow.

Every good organisation needs to do three things: improve, innovate and grow. All three. For example, if you only do the first two and don’t grow, then you lose your best people. Because those people seek better opportunities. And opportunities only come with growth.

And you have to do these things in the right order. First you improve, then you innovate, then you grow. Usually, companies try to do it the other way round – first they try to innovate and grow, and then if there’s any time left, they try to improve.

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