Business Services


IT Law & Technology

This field of business is a new one with no established practices. Feel free to contact us as early as the contracting phase. The services of Comistar include the acquisition of IT systems and services, Internet business, issues related to electronic commerce and data protection, biotechnology, contract negotiations, issues related to prohibition of competition, non-disclosure agreements and court […]

Trademarks & IPR Law

Immaterial assets are often of vital strategic significance to a company. These are rights relating to patents, utility models, employment inventions, business name, Internet domains, copyright, trademarks and the protection of trade secrets. Comistar assists you in protecting IPR rights, court proceedings, registration, commercialising and strategies related to planning and realisation. We provide professional guidance on contracts related […]

Contract & Company Law

The Comistar team and our network of partners assist and advise clients on all matters related to contract and company law. Our legal experts have diverse knowledge of issues related to companies’ legal issues, such as drafting contracts and negotiations, employment issues and court proceedings. Our service includes actions and documents related to establishing a company, relations between the […]

Offshore Solutions

There are many different instruments for different purposes when forming offshore entities. Optimal solutions are often achieved by having experts analyse the situation and by combining different instruments to create a structure that serves your intended purpose as well as possible. Different tools include IBC, CLS (a special licensing company), limited partnerships, trusts and foundations. Not so long ago, […]

Labor Law & HR

Our experts assist you also with changes of terms of employment, issues relating to labor crimes and other conflicts and temporary and permanent dismissal of the employees. Also the damages relating to employment may include complicated legal questions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Comistar provides support for both international and domestic mergers and acquisitions (M&A). International cases vary and require comprehensive familiarisation and research. Domestic changes in company structure from a legal perspective: MERGERS A merger signifies a change in company structure in which a company (the merging company) is merged with another company (the acquiring company), wherein the assets and liabilities […]


Our tax consultants will help you find effective solutions that combine the fiscal obligations and goals of your business. With real-time tax planning you know the fiscal effects of your business and are able to prevent risks. Nowadays, questions related to taxation are more complex than ever and you need to consider the effects of numerous tax provisions. Tax […]