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We are familiar with collective labour agreements, international labour law, issues related to labour protection and the ‘international’ application of Estonian labour law and the international working environment. Traditional legal expertise is not enough: it is necessary have more in-depth knowledge of this specific legal area. Questions related to the equal treatment of employees sometimes need to be considered in unexpected situations. It makes sense to use Comistar if there is no legal expertise in your company’s HR division.

Our experts will also assist you with changes to terms of employment, issues related to labour crimes and other conflicts and temporary and permanent dismissal of employees. Furthermore, damages related to employment may involve complicated legal matters.

Preventing mistakes is almost always more profitable than correcting them afterwards. We may also say no if we feel your situation requires no consultation. Comistar offices also have the expertise to assist you in complicated and demanding legal matters.


You can develop the human resource functions of your company and be sure that you will also have a competent labour force in the future with a reliable partner. We produce analyses, resource evaluations and suggestions on how to improve and develop your personnel management. We focus on cost-effectiveness and modern HR management solutions, such as training, internal growth, value-based leadership and replacement of personnel.

Our knowledge covers the entire life cycle of employment, from the selection of employees to the termination of employment and replacement. We can also take care of personnel management, if you wish. Cooperation with us benefits both the company and its employees.

We have partners in the fields of HR-outsourcing and psychology.

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