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Are you an outstanding lawyer, auditor, accountant or consultant who is interested in growing their own business? Join us and you will receive the strength and support of our worldwide network. You will gain customers from other Comistar agents you can grow your business far more than would be possible on your own. Contact us at to find out how to join.

A Comistar licence gives you the opportunity to utilise our global network, trademark and data to the full. Comistar has licences available in the following industries: legal services; auditing; financial management; and consulting. Licences are always negotiated as an individual agreement which is then designated to the company of future member. You can apply for a licence whether you are an existing company or a totally new one.

The contract period ranges from five to 20 years and the licence can be renewed well in advance of the contract expiring. Comistar provides its members with the Comistar Data all-in-one information system, which is only available to licence-holders. Comistar Data is a self-developed system which is being improved all the time on the basis of what Comistar members and their clients need.

Comistar Estonia is the master franchisee in the Baltic States and we accept applications from any interested parties. As the Comistar brand grows at an ever-increasing pace, its name and value have reached a new high. Quality and stability are the keywords we are associated with, so we pick our franchisees with the utmost care.

If you are ambitious, value high standards in your work and want to enjoy the benefits of a strong network and customer flow, contact us. Together we will be bigger than by working alone!




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