Transport & Logistics

Comistar’s member firms mainly advise privately owned transport and logistics companies. Our team of member firms consists of advisory, tax and audit experts who deal with issues in the industry. Our areas include land transportation, aviation, shipping and ports, road freight and logistics.Comistar has insight into the financial aspects of the transport sector and we can help […]


This field of business is a new one with no established practices. Feel free to contact us as early as the contracting phase. The services of Comistar include the acquisition of IT systems and services, Internet business, issues related to electronic commerce and data protection, biotechnology, contract negotiations, issues related to prohibition of competition, non-disclosure agreements and court […]


The retail world has changed a great deal with the rise of e-commerce, from the number of channels and markets you can operate in to the number of risk and compliance issues you need to be prepared for. Retail law includes areas like consumer protection laws: laws that protect the rights of consumers and ensure fair competition in trade. These […]


Mining legislation covers common issues in mining laws and regulations – including the mechanics of acquiring rights, foreign ownership and indigenous ownership requirements and restrictions, processing and beneficiation, transfer and encumbrance – in 42 areas of jurisdiction. Mining law covers several basic topics, including the ownership of mineral resources and who can process them. Mining is also affected […]

Investment Management

Comistar’s member firms boast specialists in audit, tax and advisory services who have extensive experience of the needs of investment management companies. They have worked with the full range of our clients, including investment managers, wealth management managers, trust managers, foundation managers, hedge funds and real estate funds. Comistar aims to provide you with a customised service […]

Real Estate & Construction

Since the financial crisis (and in Europe the sovereign debt crisis) it has become clear that economies around the world are moving at different rates. At times like these, when there is a great deal of economic uncertainty, investors look for security – and investing in real estate plays a big role here, as it is a physical asset in addition […]


Comistar’s member firms are capable of delivering a wide range of advisory, tax and audit services to meet the specific needs of healthcare industry providers and policy-makers. To help clients succeed in this industry requires in-depth knowledge and experience of the sector. Comistar’s team is focused on key segments across the healthcare industry. We can help you by providing a broader […]

Capital Market

The ongoing changes on capital markets are forcing many leaders to seek out opportunities on new markets, exit whole sections of business or cut costs. The traditional way of cutting labour and sending part of your operations offshore is no longer enough – these tend to be short-term solutions rather than a permanent pattern that will ensure the […]


Both retail and investment banks need to adapt to challenges like shrinking margins, expensive regulatory changes, high capital requirements, growing market volatility and political burden. Comistar’s banking team consists of our global member firms, who have set up a customised group to tackle these issues individually in each case. Banks in the new era need to rethink […]


Comistar’s automotive team comprises global members and combines our advisory, tax and audit experts, who respond to our clients’ needs within the industry. Comistar’s focus is on helping our clients address challenges facing the industry, including: consumer trends; business model operating structure; tax and regulations; private investment; market entry; plant relocation; and emerging market companies. The […]