Both retail and investment banks need to adapt to challenges like shrinking margins, expensive regulatory changes, high capital requirements, growing market volatility and political burden. Comistar’s banking team consists of our global member firms, who have set up a customised group to tackle these issues individually in each case.

Banks in the new era need to rethink their business model, cyber security, technology surveillance, trade surveillance, operations, product development, service optimisation, expansion onto new markets and meeting the demands of new and existing customers. Organisations are under tremendous pressure to handle all of these challenges while pursuing greater cost efficiency and complying with new regulations.

The ongoing changes on capital markets are forcing many leaders to seek out opportunities on new markets, exit whole sections of business or cut costs. The traditional way of cutting labour and sending part of your operations offshore is no longer enough – these tend to be short-term solutions rather than a permanent pattern that will ensure the future of your company.

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