The retail world has changed a great deal with the rise of e-commerce, from the number of channels and markets you can operate in to the number of risk and compliance issues you need to be prepared for.

Retail law includes areas like consumer protection laws: laws that protect the rights of consumers and ensure fair competition in trade. These laws also provide for truth in advertising, ensuring that consumers are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous retailers. Retail law and consumer protection are designed to prevent businesses from committing fraud or implementing unfair practices that would give them an inappropriate advantage on the market.

Managing your supply chain: working with the various elements and ensuring they operate ethically
How should you be working with your distributors, offsetting risks across the supply chain, enforcing and monitoring your code of conduct and ethics and executing due diligence to ensure ethical outsourcing? What are the pros and cons of joining a consortium?

Putting things right when things go wrong
There is always a fine line when it comes to engaging your customers and using their data. Find out more about how far you can take your customer data, what permission you need for different sales channels to ensure that all of the consent you need is in place, how best to use social media and advertising and, perhaps most importantly, how to manage your reputation and set things right when things go wrong.

Streamlining growth
Ensure you are up to date with the dos and don’ts of competition law, most favoured nation clauses and distribution, but also find out more about different ways to expand your business and how you can ensure you are completely prepared for and compliant with different country requirements.

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