Private Services

Privacy solutions

Nowadays, privacy of individuals is almost non-existent. Most of us use the services of multinational companies and our web history, social media presence, geolocation history, e-mail conversations and cloud file storage are all in danger of being compromised or even being sold to third-party entities or government agencies. Based on companies’ own policies, all of this can […]

Wealth Management

Whether your wealth comes from building and owning a business, successful investments or inheritance, active family and estate planning is essential if you want to protect your wealth. Comistar’s wealth management services offer advice and provide tax and insurance solutions to ensure that your financial stability is secured and that your wealth management goals can be achieved. Any […]

Relocation Assistance

Comistar will listen to you to find out what you need. We will look for potential properties according to your description and budget,  get everything in order to help you settle. Moving to another country can be emotionally difficult, so we strive to make the non-emotional aspect of it as smooth and effortless as possible.