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Whether your wealth comes from building and owning a business, successful investments or inheritance, active family and estate planning is essential if you want to protect your wealth. Comistar’s wealth management services offer advice and provide tax and insurance solutions to ensure that your financial stability is secured and that your wealth management goals can be achieved. Any investment carries a certain risk, so it is vital that we sit down with you and help you develop wealth and investment management strategies to match your goals and risk tolerance levels.

Wealth management is the science of solving/enhancing the financial situation of an individual. It is a consultative process of meeting the wants and needs of affluent clients by providing the appropriate financial products and services. There aren’t many wealth managers who can offer a full range of financial services and products. Usually, wealth managers advise you on and push you into the solutions they feel most comfortable with. Fortunately, our team assesses your situation without any presuppositions about which financial products or services will be appropriate for you.

We offer both consultative and full-mandate wealth management. The return and risk level suitable for each client is determined as part of a personal and confidential consultation with an asset manager.

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