Software Acquisition

Acquisition of datasystems is a project, which phases go usually as follows:

  • Recognition of the need
  • Considering how to respond to the need
  • Preliminary defining the product to be acquired
  • Reserving (too little) cash for budget
  • Starting the trade
  • Seller promises – buyer believes
  • Closing a deal
  • Installing a product and training the users
  • Wondering, what be just bought
  • Arguing with the seller until noticing what the contract really says and ending up to be a payer
  • Buying the missing parts
  • Getting the system into productive use
  • Paying for the maintainance of the system
  • Being dissatisfied with the purchasing project, which costed a lot of money and took too much time

Buying a datasystem with the assistance of Comistar works much more effective. We prepare a practical plan and close the project effectively.

The phases of the purchase project:

  1. Planning of the project is done together with you and we take care that you will know the contents of the plan and effects on your business.
  2. The plan is usually appropriate to be made for few years.
  3. The long-term plan is divided into intermediate goals for example according to calendar or business areas.
  4. If needed, we consider the utilizing of the data system separately relative to each of your company´s business process:
    • How can I make this better, more cost-efficient, faster and more automated using information technology?
    • How can I serve my customers and partners better bu utilizing information technology?
    • How can I separate myself from the competitors by untilizing information technology?
    • How do the changes affect on my recent way of working?
  5. Assuring, that the old and the new programs and devices are compatible with each others.
  6. Mapping the risks and costs.
  7. Assuring, that the budget is adequate for purchase.
  8. Planning the necessary actions for the introduction of the new system (training of the personnel etc.).
  9. Allowing sufficiently time for the introduction of the new application and finnishing the process.
  10. Being satisfied with the project realized with expertise.
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