CFO / Controller Services

Chief financial officer works as a close partner with the company´s management and is in charge of the company´s financial management. If wanted, the CFO works in client´s premises is constantly in contact with client´s company and is at company´s service as agreed. We use either client´s solutions or Comistar can bring tailored solution for you. We provide you with the strong international level know-how.


Controller services are directed for medium size companies, either for permanent or temporary solution. Controller works in company’s financial department in CFO´s or CEO´s subordination focusing on preparation of reports and estimates and provides you with key ratio and analysis.


Planning and report solutions offer the tools for the client to govern, plan and predict the financial acts of the company. With the solutions we provide you with the real time, reliable and relevant information to support the company´s decision making.


Commercial activities are analyzed though our analysis solutions to find out the current profitability rate, measure the utilization rate of the capacity and the efficiency of the processes. With the aid of analysis it is seen, which functions you need to accelerate to improve the total profit of the business, which is the optimal selection of product and clientele. With the solutions you are able to improve the profit per client and product and the company´s competitiveness.

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