Payroll Computation

Salaries of the employees must be computed correctly and paid at the right time. Comistar offers a service for you to avoid problems with payroll issues. We have the expertise for handling the payroll process on behalf of your company and we know the legal requirements.

Process description:

  1. We create the database and fill in all the necessary basic information needed for the preparation of payroll computation and maintain the database
  2. The client delivers us the information about payroll periods actions (working hours etc.)
  3. We send the preliminary computing report for revision and approval
  4. We send the payment report and payroll information for the payment of salaries or alternatively pay the salaries on your behalf via bank transfer
  5. We deliver the necessary reports for your employees and for you all the reports according to payroll periods and monthly synopsis.The reports include also reports for taxing authority, insurance company and statistic reports

Our payroll service includes:

    • Preparation of salaries: hourly wage, monthly wage, commission, bonus, different kind of additional payments
    • Absence registration
    • Book keeping of annual holidays
    • Entry of balance of flexible hours
    • Overtime entry
    • Travel invoice and other travelling costs
    • Employee benefits
    • Lunch Vouchers
    • Daily allowances and kilometer allowances
    • Membership fees of trade unions
    • Statutory deductions
    • Report of annual holiday liabilities
    • Routines of the annual holiday
    • Routines of the turn of the year
    • Payroll breakdown and the report of payroll period
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