Contract & Company Law

The staff of Comistar as well as our network of partners, assist and advice the clients in all questions related to contract and company law. Our legal experts have diversified knowledge on the issues relating to company´s legal issues, such as drafting contracts and negotiations, employment issues and court proceedings.

Our service includes among other things actions and documents relating to the establishment of the company, relations between the owners of the company, and the different kind of changes in the company structure. We manage also agent, license and retail contracts and public acquisitions. We assist our clients with labor and management personnel´s contracts, non-disclosure agreements and preparation of incentive systems.

The advantage of Comistar in comparison with other service providers is that we operate in several countries and our experts have long experience in working in the companies ‘board of directors as well as management and expert positions in different companies and several countries.

Comistar has the strong knowledge on business and the ability to provide high quality legal service for companies

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