Comistar is making the argument that blockchain technology will have a radical impact on the way transactions are handled in the future. Blockchain can instill trust among transaction partners, provide total transparency into a transaction’s status when needed and deploy customized solutions to settle transactions automatically in seconds.


As a result of this technological revolution, business and governmental adoption of blockchain technology is growing exponentially. Blockchain use cases are taking off in numerous industries such as banking and financial services, travel, transportation, legal services, supply chain, logistics, government, real estate, health care, insurance etc.

Are you interested in assessing the potential for your company? Have you thought about tokenizing your assets or raising funds in a compliant way? Or are you merely interested in learning more or educating your company about blockchain technology? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

We evaluate the situation individually with each client to determine what is needed. Depending on the service type some services have hourly rates while others may have fixed fees. Please contact us to inquire about your situation.

For blockchain related financing solutions, please see our Financing (STO & ICO) service description.

We offer a wide range of services such as digital wallet advisory, tax advisory, cryptocurrency mining advisory.


Your highest priority is to store your digital assets securely. Comistar can advise you on online wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, hardware wallets and cold wallets.


We can advise you on matters related to investing in cryptocurrencies such as tax planning, exchanges and using an investment company.


We can assist you in various questions related to cryptocurrency CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC mining.

Blockchain for business

  • Blockchain education
  • Workshop for your business
  • Feasibility study of a project or idea
  • Tokenization advice

Cryptocurrency advisory

  • Digital wallets
  • Investing
  • Mining
  • Tax planning

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