Athlete Career Management

Athlete Career Management (Comistar ACM) is an innovative concept for athletes designed to develope the career and manage the life outside of sports. Comistar has built the ACM concept in cooperation with active and retired athletes on top of their fields.

Athlete Career Management is suitable for seasoned professionals and for young athletes at the start of their careers.

Our service model is based on a dedicated manager and support staff of our global Comistar team. We’re helping clients with legal matters, branding, sponsorship deals, and finances.

Athlete’s careers are always limited by time, and we’re helping our clients to build a sustainable financial plan for life after professional sports career.

Any sports is competitive, and our goal is to enable our clients to fully concentrate on their career and development to have an edge – to be a bit stronger, a bit faster, and a bit sharper than rest.

Comistar has served businesses and entrepreneurs for years, and through that we’ve built a strong global network and experience. Smart athletes turn their careers into business, and they need similar support as entrepreneurs to be successful.

We help you to manage the business that is your career, build a scalable brand platform, and take care of the administrative burden. Your colleagues won’t understand how do you manage to do everything, and thats the power of proven concepts and systematic approach you’ll have with us.

Our Athlete Career Management concept is built on five main pillars:

1. On-demand support on daily needs and questions.
2. Deals – sponsorships and negotations with clubs.
3. Financial plan & investments.
4. Legal – all your contracts and agreements are reviewed by lawyers.
5. Career As A Business – marketing, business opportunities, image, etc.

Please get in touch with us via contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we ask our clients to fill in an application to understand whether we are a good fit. As we always give 100% to our clients, we are only looking for athletes who are fully committed to their careers, and are ready to turn their careers into profitable businesses.

We only work with clients who have signed a professional contract with a club or are competing at competitive level of their respective sports.

Scalable service model

  • Athletes at the start of their careers to seasoned professionals
  • Longevity, our clients can become partners in our organization
  • One dedicated contact person, on-demand access
  • Reports and metrics to track our performance

Service levels to fit your needs

  • Startup Stage (for athletes signing first professional contracts)
  • Growth Stage (few seasons into professional career)
  • Scale Stage (for athletes at the peak of their careers)
  • Career As A Business (includes all five pillars)
athlete career management

Startup Stage

Startup Stage is for young athletes who are signing their first professional contracts. In this stage we’ll provide an on-demand support for all the needs and questions and help to find the first sponsorship deals. The focus is solely on the performance on the field.

Growth Stage

Growth Stage is for athletes who are a few years into career and signing their second  professional contract. On this service level you’ll continue to receive on-demand support for daily needs, active pursuit of sponsorship deals, on-demand legal help, and building the public image.

Scale Stage

Scale Stage is for athletes who’ve been in sports for number of years, and are ready to turn their career into business for the long-term wealth. Additionally to everything in the Growth Stage, we’ll also start bringing investment opportunities and build a sustainable wealth creation plan. We focus on questions like how to leverage your name and media platform for revenue creating businesses, and start mapping out your life after sports.

Athletes spend their whole careers under constant uncertainty about the future. We bring stability and systematic approach to the careers of athletes. A proven method that turns sports professionals into successful business people and provides a fluent transition into new life.

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