Athlete Career Management

Athlete career management and how does it look like? Comistar has built an concept for athletes, by athletes, which is both easy and lucrative. We have scalable service models for athletes starting professional careers and athletes who have already a steady position. We serve both, team and individual athletes.

Our service model is based on dedicated manager and we use our global Comistar team to back our clients, whether it is about law, finance, marketing, sponsorship etc. Our goal is to release all the time to athlete so that full concentration being an athlete is made possible.

We have built strong global network and service base for businesses and entrepreneurs. Those very same services and years of background are highly valuable also when it comes to athlete career management. On top of that we have dedicated managers top serve and alumni group of successful professional athletes – who have “been there and done that”.

As mentioned, we have built strong foundation in business and entrepreneur services. We have information bank from our alumni group of professional athletes. We effectively combine these attributes to create superior, wide service, which practically handles all the aspects of life being a professional athlete. In a way that gain wealth and benefits will grow and exist also after career is over.

Whether you are in the very beginning of your athlete career or already been pro for years – just contact us. We have scalable model to fit in all needs.

Scalable service model

  • From beginner to professional athletes
  • Longevity, we build structures which last
  • One contact person, easy to handle
  • Reports to check what has been done

Service levels to fit your need

  • Beginners help
  • Full time national athlete
  • International athlete
  • 24/7 management service
athlete career management


Sponsorship, marketing and co-operation agreements are the base of your long term income and gains from personal brand created.

Salary control

Salary control and negotiation has a lot possibilities if not controlled by association treaties or similar. In any case, our team has seen hundreds of agreements both in individual and team sports, so we can honestly say that we are ready to build your success regardless of your position.

Management of brand and wealth

We will manage your brand and wealth in a consistent way. So that you are always aware of the status considering your investments from low risk to high risk assets. Our purpose is to build a future which will support the athlete and athlete’s family a lifetime.

Proven methods and systems that serve your exact needs. You get an expert who actually cares about your wants and needs. No typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that costs hundreds of thousands to implement and doesn’t provide the benefits you’re looking for.

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