Corporate Support services

Comistar provides a wide variety of corporate services with a goal of enabling clients to focus on their businesses. Currently, we can provide support services in Estonia, Finland, Switzerland and the United States (LA).

Generally, we work with companies in all sizes, but our support services clientele mostly includes startups and medium sized enterprises.

We don’t reject any client based on the industry (with an exception of industries which we deem unethical (arms industry) or are illegal). We’re mostly focused on SaaS companies, blockchain, e-commerce, FinTech and other regulated fields, and international trade companies.

Corporate support services

  • Company incorporation services
  • Virtual office
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Virtual CFO
  • Financial controller
  • Licensing services
  • Tax  compliance
corporate support services

Countries of expertise

  • Switzerland
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • The US (LA)

Proven methods and systems that serve your exact needs. You get an expert who actually cares about your wants and needs. No typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that costs hundreds of thousands to implement and doesn’t provide the benefits you’re looking for.

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